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Rhyming Nativity Kit

Kids will be elated to receive this unique rhyming nativity kit! Along with rhyming stickers attached to each sturdy wooden figurine, the kit includes two Guide Cards to help you empower your young one with activities to; Do, Watch, Read, and Listen to! Find a fresh way to tell the timeless Christmas story to your young one with our Rhyming Nativity Kit and accompanying Guide Cards.



  • 12 piece wooden children's nativity kit - Each character piece has an original rhyme and Bible verse where you can read more, affixed to the back.
  • Laminated cards; Character overview / Biblical outline of Christmas story / Resource Guide (What to do, watch, read and listen to.)
  • Large Tote bag - RED (merry CHRIST mas) or BLUE (Jesus.

Rhyming Nativity Kit

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